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Workplace Dispute Resolution is offered through the El Centro Community College Conflict Management program. The course is available as a for-credit course or as a continuing education course. This course focuses on conflict management systems, the cost of workplace conflict, techniques and interventions for resolving conflict within the workplace, and how effective leadership can transform high-conflict work environments into collaborative workplaces. The course systemically covers techniques on how (1) To learn to think strategically about conflict rather than react blindly to it. (2) How to harness the benefits of workplace conflict. (3) How to utilize communication tools and techniques to resolve workplace conflict.


Contact El Centro Continuing Education to Register: 214-860-2147 / Cost: $156 for Dallas County Residents

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize their interpersonal style to resolving conflict.
  2. Define workplace conflict and distinguish how it differs from other conflicts.
  3. Apply techniques to recognize and positively navigate workplace conflict.
  4. Demonstrate multiple approaches to resolving workplace conflict.
  5. Demonstrate and apply the interventions for resolving workplace conflict.
  6. Recognize the various Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) laws governing workplace conflict.

Objectives will be achieved through:

  1. The administration of a style profile assessment tool which will enable the participants to identify their predominant interpersonal conflict style (including its strength and weaknesses) and how it influences their approach to resolving conflict.
  2. Classroom lecture, online research, various participatory exercises, and classroom discussions.
  3. Reading and analyzing current literature focusing on the various types of workplace conflicts and approaches to resolving them.
  4. Role play exercises and group presentations demonstrating transformative mediation models for resolving conflict.

Required Reading

The Promise of Mediation
Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger
ISBN: 978-0787974831

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box
The Arbinger Institute

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
Marshall Rosenberg

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most
Douglas Stone, Brice Patton, Sheila Heen, and Roger Fisher

Peace in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration
Robyn Short

Class Location, Dates and Times

701 Elm Street R Building 6th floor Room 600 / November 16, 2017 through December 3, 2017.

Week 1

Thursday, Nov. 16, 5-9pm

Saturday, Nov. 18, 9a-5p

Sunday, Nov. 19, 9a-5p

Week 2

Thursday, Nov. 30, 5-9pm

Saturday, Dec 2, 9a-5p

Sunday, Dec 3, 9a-5p

Contact El Centro Continuing Education to Register: 214-860-2147

Cost: $156 for Dallas County Residents


Mediated dialogues facilitated by a trained mediator can help organizations resolve difficult and / or chronic conflicts, transforming relationships and workplaces. De-escalate and resolve conflicts with a mediated dialogue.