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Essential Skills for Leading in the Modern Workplace

From warring egos to heavy workloads, the workplace is rife with conflict. Yet, few managers receive any training in conflict management. Research shows that 76% of employees who receive conflict management training experience positive outcomes in the workplace. In this training, participants will learn the skills necessary to minimize destructive conflict and maximize productive workplace conflict.

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Hone Your Most Important Leadership Skill

Emotions constitute powerful, pervasive, and predictable drivers of decision-making. The more leaders are able to understand their own emotions and attune themselves to the emotions of others, the more effective they are at cultivating a work environment that is both highly engaged and highly productive. In this training, participants will learn the skills and behaviors of emotionally intelligent leaders.

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Strategies and Tactics to Navigate Tough Dialogues

Difficult conversations are a necessary element of every workplace. Too often, difficult conversations are avoided because people lack the understanding, and therefore confidence, to successfully navigate difficult conversations. In this training, participants will learn a step-by-step approach to having tough conversations designed to resolve conflict, solve problems, and strengthen relationships.

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Increase Empathy and Honesty in the Workplace

Research shows that 85% of employees deal with conflict on some level. When workplace conflict is not managed effectively, it can diminish trust and morale. How we communicate in the workplace informs how we relate and engage with colleagues and clients. In this training, participants will learn how to communicate with honesty and empathy, so they may actively transform workplace conflict into collaboration.

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Robyn Short has the heart of a peace-maker and lives restorative justice values in all facets of her life. In particular, her passion for victim offender mediation is reflected in her facilitation skills as she helps those who have caused harm to ‘make things right’ and those who have been harmed to reflect and articulate their needs. Robyn is a radiant agent for positive change with individuals, families and communities.

Stephanie Frogge, MTS, Assistant Director
University of Texas, Institute for Restorative Justice & Restorative Dialogue

Robyn Short is a truly gifted individual, and she works hard to use her gifts wisely to benefit others. Her spirit of generosity and desire to bring about change is contagious to those around her. She is highly motivated for excellence, which is reflected in her work.

Dr. Betty Gilmore
Southern Methodist University, Center for Dispute Resolution

Robyn Short is a naturally gifted mediator, facilitator, coach and trainer. She is deeply empathetic, caring and insightful, bringing a combination of hard work and emotional warmth to everything she does. She is principled and ethical, honest and sensible, and I recommend her highly.

Kenneth Cloke
Mediator, Arbitrator, Author and Trainer

Robyn Short couples her extensive business experience with her compassionate insight to unlock conflict. Whether mediating, coaching individuals in conflict, or sharing her skills through training, Robyn is a practiced, caring professional who brings results. I highly recommend her.

Joe L. Cope, J.D.
Abilene Christian University, Duncum Center Solutions

Robyn was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and kept us engaged. She definitely provided useful techniques that can be used in the workplace.

Shenise Tyler
Human Capital Management Talent Partner, Dallas Independent School District

Robyn’s training on conflict management provides easily understandable tools for major conflict impact on conflict and communication.

Brittany Weber
Human Capital Management Talent Partner, Dallas Independent School District


Create a paradigm shift and realize a more collaborative and peaceful future.