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Essential Skills for Leading in the Modern Workplace

From warring egos to workplace stress and heavy workloads, the American workplace is rife with conflict. In fact, research shows that Americans spend an average of one full workday per month dealing with conflict. This loss of productivity costs American corporations a collective $359 billion in paid hours annually. With this much time dedicated to dealing with conflict, it is critical that employees gain proficiency in conflict management. Research shows that 76 percent of employees who receive conflict management training experience positive outcomes in the workplace.

In this two-day training, participants will learn the skills necessary to minimize destructive conflict and maximize productive workplace conflict.

Participants will learn …

  • The common responses to conflict and how to choose the right response for the right situation to get the right outcome
  • Communication strategies and tactics to de-escalate conflict, enhance understanding, and strengthen trust
  • Self-care strategies and tactics for enhancing resiliency to stress in the workplace
  • Team-building strategies and tactics for minimizing on-going conflict and enhancing group cohesion

This essential training will empower you with the skills to become an agent of positive change in your workplace.

This course is a pre-packaged training class that can be delivered to your organization with very little lead time. If you are looking for a training program that is tailored to your team’s unique needs, please view our corporate training services or contact us for a complimentary consultation.


Customized training workshops are available to help your organization navigate unique workplace conflicts. From facilitated group dialogues and mediation to team training, we design dispute resolution models to optimize your work environment.