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This six-week, online seminar is designed for individuals who are ready to commit themselves to being personally responsible and accountable for creating a more just and equitable world. Upon completion, participants will have a Personal Racial Equity Action Plan to guide their personal and/or professional racial equity work.

Racial Equity Personal Action Plan
As a racial equity consultant, I often hear people ask: What can I do to end racism? Racism is so entrenched in American culture that it feels overwhelming. Too often, people feel powerless. 

The truth is that each of us has a unique role to play in creating an equitable and just world. We each have a personal responsibility for eliminating racism and healing the wounds of racial injustice. And, each of us has immeasurable power to create positive change in the lives of others and in our society. We simply must act. 

Dr. Martin Luther King noted, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Too often silence and inaction is not for lack of caring but rather for lack of education, planning, strategizing, mobilizing, and ultimately, making racial equity work personal. 

This seminar series is for those who can no longer tolerate their own silence and are ready to act.

Racial equity consultant and peace-building trainer Dr. Robyn Short will guide participants in creating their Personal Racial Equity Action Plan. Together, we will learn, plan, strategize, collaborate, and act. Upon completion, participants will have a documented Personal Racial Equity Action Plan and will be prepared to engage in lifelong racial equity work. 

Six Week Seminar Includes the Following: 

Learning Syllabus

If we want to create meaningful and lasting change, we must educate ourselves on the history of racism in American, gain an understanding of the lived experiences of American Indians, Black people, LatinX people, and other people of color. And, we must also gain a deep understanding of whiteness, white privilege, and the systems that perpetuate white supremacy in America. Participants will receive a detailed syllabus of recommended sources for learning including books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, and influencers to follow on social media. This syllabus is not intended to be required reading for the seminar but rather required reading for life. 

Session 1: Deconstructing Racism Will Take More Than Allyship 

The six week seminar will begin with introductions and community-building activities for your Racial Equity Cohort. Participants will participate in a short seminar that differentiates allyship and personal racial equity work and where they align and how they differ. We will explore ideas about how white people can be effective allies, and more importantly, how white people can take personal responsibility and accountability in racial equity work. Deconstructing racism will require more than allyship. Note, while this seminar series is not designed exclusively for white allies, this first seminar will have a focus on whiteness. 

Session 2: Dignity & Racial Equity  

In this seminar, participants will learn about Basic Human Needs Theory, the Dignity Model and how these two bodies of will work inform the development of our Personal Racial Equity Action Plans. Together, we will identify how social systems and structures are designed to honor the dignity needs of white people and violate the dignity needs of people of color. We will align this work with our individual values and begin to explore the areas we would like to affect change. 

Session 3: Exploring Values & Identity

Who are you? Really? How we answer this question is critical in shaping how we show up in our racial equity work. In this seminar, we will explore how our individual values and identity inform our Personal Racial Equity Action Plan, and we will begin to develop this foundational aspect of our personal plans.

Session 4: Exploring Passion & Purpose 

What are you passionate about? What motivates and inspires you? In this seminar, we will explore our individual passions and how to use these passions purposefully for racial equity work. Building on the values and identity work from the previous week, we will continue the development of our Personal Racial Equity Action Plans.

Session 5: Exploring Personal Skills & Areas of Influence

What are you really good at? What do you want to be better at? Who do you know? What resources and networks do you have access to? In this seminar, we will complete our Personal Racial Equity Action Plans by applying our skills, resources, and networks to further define our action plans. 

Session 6: Make Racial Equity Personal

In this final seminar, participants will share their actions plans with their cohort. Opportunities for collaboration, resource sharing, and networking will be created. And, most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to make racial equity personal. In this final seminar, participants will have fully developed their Personal Racial Equity Action Plan and will be prepared to begin implementing it. 

This six-week, online seminar is designed to create actionable change. Come with an open heart and a firm commitment to creating a ripple effect of positive change. 

Who Should Attend?
This seminar is designed for individuals and teams who are ready to commit themselves to racial equity work but are not sure where to start. You may want to create change in your personal life or professional life. Organizational leaders are especially encouraged to participate and focus your action plan on creating organizational change. All are welcome.

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Antiracism education and training programs provide employees with the knowledge and skills to identify the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism and the communication skills, policy-making acumen, and program development to bring racial equity to the workplace.