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Peace-Building Books by Robyn Short

If you lead or manage people, processes or projects, you have experienced workplace conflict. After all, where there are people, there is conflict. And where there is conflict, there is a choice.

In Peace in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict Into Collaboration, international speaker, peace-building trainer and mediator Robyn Short provides insight and guidance to help leaders and organizations understand that conflict does not equal inevitable negativity or disruption. Short explores the science behind conflict and human interaction to help leaders develop strategies to navigate disagreements, manage and celebrate differences and, ultimately, cultivate a working environment that encourages, enables and empowers employees to thrive and pursue a life of security, dignity and peace.

This book will illuminate pathways to peace in your workplace and inspire you to become an agent of positive change. Available on Amazon.


What causes us to get into conflict? Why is navigating conflict so difficult? What is really at stake when conflict occurs?

Drawing on the work of conflict and peace scholars and practitioners, this pocket-sized handbook introduces a framework for understanding the many factors that influence conflict and a simple guide for engaging in productive communications that deepen our understanding of one another and illuminate paths to peace.

Presented in just 56 pages, this quick and easy-to-read handbook is ideal for anyone who wants to create and sustain more peaceful and productive relationships. Available on Amazon